The thrive holistic perspective

Having worked with many organisations and some of the world’s best business minds we have a depth of experience in guiding organisations on a path of secure and suitable growth. We have experience in a range of industries from service to product based organisations.

When guiding organisations it is important that we have an holistic perspective of the business as improvements may be needed in any part of your organisation, from marketing through to production, to finance, in order to grow the thrive way.

Here’s a summary of our experience in different functions of an organisation.


Strategy is the direction and scope of the business over the long term. We help organisations build strategies based on a number of competitive advantages. Once the competitive advantages have been articulated we work with your teams to flesh out the tactics required to achieve the strategy. It is essential that your whole organisation buy into the strategy and can link this to a purpose. The next step is to implement the tactics in a fast and effective way while running the day-to-day business.


Whether you are delivering projects, products or services we have the experience to help improve. We use the latest project management approaches to deliver more projects reliably and faster with same level of resources. If you are manufacturing products our guidance can reveal large amounts of hidden capacity whilst providing fast and reliable delivery performance, with little investment.


We focus here on the effective productivity of sales teams. How many qualified, well prepared sales meetings do your key sales people make per week? You may be surprised that this can be lower than 10% of their overall capacity. Often our focus here is to increase the amount of time your key sales people spend in front of qualified prospects. Remember these need to be qualified and well prepared meetings. Unprepared cold calls do not count.


There are many definitions of marketing but we see marketing as generating qualified leads that are interested in your product or service. Communicating your offer to the right market at the right time is essential. We segment markets by their needs. Once your markets have been defined then the correct message and communication medium will be identified. We take the mystery out of marketing with a very practical and measured approach.


There are many areas of finance: accounting, tax compliance, book keeping. We focus on the area of finance around supporting business decisions. It is essential that decisions around: making investment, selecting the right product mix and outsourcing are made correctly as they directly impact the bottom line of the  business. We have helped organisations review these decisions, and bring a different and fresh perspective. The results in this area have been astounding and in many cases made an instant impact to the bottom line.

So if you are just about to make a major decision in your business based on your financial reports then it might be worth letting us give you a fresh perspective.

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