Daniel Baker. Thriving on doing things differently.

daniel-bakerDaniel is committed to helping organisations and people release their potential in a fun and rewarding way. He has a different background, a different approach, and achieves different results.

Daniel’s story dates back to the playground. He left school a wealthy 16-year-old having set up and run a successful break time snack business for three years with enough takings to warrant going to the bank daily, as well as a car valet business in his spare time. After leaving school, he worked for his father’s company gaining experience in all aspects of business. He claims these early experiences gave him some of the best lessons in business.

It wasn’t until Daniel was a bit older that he studied for a BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Systems on day release over an eight year period, giving him ‘on the job’ training whilst working at Attewell, an aerospace components manufacturer. Daniel was so committed to gaining an academic qualification in manufacturing that he changed the way Attewell priced their products, resulting in a significant impact on the bottom line to help fund his studies!

In 2001, the newly qualified Daniel joined Goldratt UK as a senior consultant, where he experienced a wealth of new sectors, including pharmaceutical, financial services and healthcare. He worked with organisations to greatly improve their performance levels. In 2003 Daniel became a founding partner in Levee LLP, a consultancy business, and sold his interest in 2009 to set up Thrive.

Daniel is known for:

  • Generating competitive advantage through reliable and fast product delivery
  • Dramatically improving patient flow in a number of large NHS hospitals
  • Turning around a failing business weeks before bankruptcy, saving over 100 jobs
  • Being a guest lecturer at London Business School on the practicalities of implementing the theory of constraints
  • Angel investing in Kitchons, a start-up, and securing a contract with a leading retailer for the business during the recession
  • A no-nonsense, honest, practical and results-driven approach

What gets Daniel out of bed in the morning? It’s simple; creating fun, secure and rewarding places to work, and helping people to do the business things that they didn’t think possible.

“Daniel has an inspirational and professional approach which he combines with his incredibly in-depth knowledge of manufacturing to achieve astounding results.”

Neil Ginger - Managing Director - Origin Frames

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